Oaks & Acorns – 12th October 2017

Oaks Acorns 2

 This morning was very special, we held the Oaks and Acorns session in the conservatory so it was a little quieter and isn’t quite as daunting for the toddlers and the mums who run the sessions


Having a slightly smaller group seemed really successful and was enjoyed by all. Great to watch the toddlers playing with toys, colouring in and singing along to nursery rhymes. We joined in too. We saw a huge enjoyment from Sue and Marjorie, in particular. We had a lovely lady called Peggy join us, who is here as a day visitor.

Oaks Acorns 2  Oaks Acorns 3

Oaks Acorns 5  Oaks Acorns 12.10.17