Cleethorpes – 13th July 2017

Cleethorpes 13.7.17


We had an exciting day at Cleethorpes, we were lucky with lovely warm, sunny weather. We travelled in a coach to the train station.   


We took four wheel-chairs and had wonderful help from the wheelchair assistance team. We had Win (with her son Steve), Marjorie (with her friend Jean), Gordon, Norah, Audrey, Joan (with her daughter Janet), Olga, Lillie and Florence with two valuable helpers, Betty and Anne Lawton. Tracy, Carley and Elizabeth were the staff. So 17 of us in all! We had a great ride on the Lollipop Express and had another wonderful meal at the Ocean Bar Fish Restaurant.

Cleethorpes 13.7.17  Cleethorpes 13.7.17 2

Cleethorpes 13.7.17 4  Cleethorpes 13.7.17 3