“Dancing with Dementia” Tea Dance – 22nd June 2017

Dancing with Dementia 2


Vicky and Megan took a small group of ladies to Ponds Forge via taxi. We met Jill and Rita there. 


We took a packed lunch which we enjoyed first in the Skyline lobby and then at 1pm we went into the main Skyline suite and sat at tables and had hot drinks, followed by a lively performance from one of our favourite performers, Susan St Nicolas.  Everyone had a dance.  We had a cream tea during the interval. We had so much fun that we were disappointed when we realised it was time to go for the taxi. We are looking forward to the one in July already!

Dancing with Dementia 2  Dancing with Dementia 3

Dancing with Dementia 4  Dancing with Dementia 22.6.17