Pomegranate Theatre, Chesterfield – 14th June 2017

Pomegranate 2


A group of 11 of us (including our amazing driver, Richard) went along on a lovely hot, sunny day via SCT minibus to the Pomegranate Theatre.


For a dementia friendly showing of the film “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”. Enjoyed a packed lunch first in the foyer (and it was very good of them to let us use this facility). We met Jill, Marion Peck’s daughter there. We had six carers (admitted free of charge) with six residents, Marjorie, Marion, Connie Ball, Connie Nicholls, Janet and Win. All the staff at the theatre were very warm and friendly and helpful. We enjoyed hot drinks before the film started and during the interval (with cake too). Very good value for money and looking forward to going to the next one on 13th September, “Calamity Jane”.


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