Hatchery – 10th to 19th April 2017

Hatchery 1


We had the privilege of hiring a hatchery, incubator and duck eggs for ten days from a farm. The staff, residents and visitors really enjoyed watching them hatch, naming them and watching them grow daily

When they were a few days old we were allowed to handle them. They were the most photographed ducklings on the planet! As well as being the topic of conversation round the clock! This really brought the maternal and paternal side out of many of our staff.   On day 7, we gave the ducklings a swim in the bath and cleaned out the cage. The residents were fascinated, watching the ducklings paddle and preen themselves in the water. On day 10, we sadly said goodbye as they had to go back to the farm. 

Hatchery 1  Hatchery 5

Hatchery 3  Hatchery 4