“In Memory of Elvis” Concert at Fulwood Chapel – 25th March 2017

Elvis Concert 25.3.17

A group of us went along to Fulwood Chapel for a lovely evening with live entertainment from a group of the guys we know from the Upper Chapel in town. There was a bar so it was nice to have an alcoholic drink for those who wanted one. 


A few old friends came along too, Mollie’s family and Jan (Olive’s daughter). Arthur had a good time with his family and Deborah took her mum, Pam and was able to offer lifts to Mary and Lillie. The band were fantastic and they gave Elvis’ life story as they sang some of his songs. Marjorie seemed to enjoy the occasion the most and was in her element clapping, singing and swaying along to the music. Her enthusiasm was infectious, really lovely!

Elvis Concert 25.3.17  Elvis 2

Elvis 4  Elvis 5