In-house church – 12.9.21

This morning Vicky led an in-house church service in the conservatory. We started off with a hymn, followed by a prayer of thanksgiving. Vicky shared something that she is grateful for, and then encouraged us to do the same in turn. We sang another hymn, followed by saying the Lord’s prayer together. Vicky spoke about forgiveness and healing from passed events and traumas. We were each given a piece of paper and a pen and had to think of anyone that we need God’s help to forgive, or an event that we need healing from. We then folded it up, and cut it into tiny bits into the bin, while Vicky prayed for us. Some of us didn’t think we needed to write anything, until the pen was in our hands. We had a lively song afterwards, and someone expressed that they felt lighter. Vicky handed out some scriptures and quotes randomly, and asked if we would like to read them out. We ended with refreshments whilst, listening, and singing along to hymns on the C.D player.