Buzz Sheffield – Happy Hearts

Buzz Sheffield put together the “Happy Hearts” project in response to gaps identified from a pilot project, thorough research with local organisations & consultation with service users, Happy Hearts will be a project to engage older isolated people in enriching, energising activities.

They have visited Hallamshire Care Home on a number of occasions and we have visited them when events are held at other locations. Everytime is a great sucess and everyone has a fantastic and energetic afternoon.

The project has been entered into the “Aviva Community Fund” competition and with everyones help with voting they will hopefully win and attract further funding to carry on this great scheme.

For more details of the competition please click HERE and for more details of the “Happy Hearts” entry please click on THIS link.

Buzz filmed one of their visits to us and have put together this short video of our residents to show how much fun the sessions are.